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Series 2 of 6 - Enhanced data loading interface

Finally! The new loading bar feature, now active in all accounts, gives the user a glimpse as to how long the report will take to complete. This is an essential upgrade over the previous version. Running complex reports prior to the upgrade gave no insight to how long the report would take to run. The loading bar now lets me see that it's working and how long it will take to complete. InHaus Media’s Analytic Director gives Google a A+ for this upgrade.

Google Loading Bar

I will be posting number 4 of the series: "Easier custom report functions" tomorrow so don't forget to check back.

Several new features and updates have recently been released to the Google Analytics user interface. Many of these new features and updates are UX design and usability improvements. In a series of six posts, I will explore the top changes and discuss their benefits as well as how they will impact the end user. Ok, let’s get started:

Here is a list of features we will discuss in this series:


Peterborough, NH – InHaus Media is pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned Reproduction Systems, Inc., (RSI) website at

RSI’s new website was designed to provide easy access to information about their services in record collection, litigation and trial support, and web-hosting repositories.  The design incorporates state-of-the-art technologies into the site in a clean and professional approach. Developed with a powerful content management system (CMS), it gives RSI the ability to update and add new content to the site, in addition to providing a platform for future growth with new technologies.

“The ability to update our website content and keep it fresh and relevant for our customers is extremely important,” said RSI Marketing Manager Jim Dyer.  “The site is easy to navigate and provides an essential portal of information for both new and existing clients.”

The new design is built to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) within its structure and content—a proven method for higher ranking with search engines. The redesigned site embodies the company’s forward-thinking vision and commitment to excellence by using clean and sophisticated design elements, intuitive navigation, a robust content management system, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

RSI, based in Kansas City, Missouri, pioneered the use of medical record collection and document management services as a key strategy in litigation support.  They specialize in the strategy, management and execution of nationwide liability litigation and mass tort discovery projects.

InHaus Media is a New Hampshire-based provider of digital media marketing solutions including website strategy, design, development and optimization, lead generation, content marketing, website analytics, and video services. InHaus Media works closely with clients to effectively communicate their message across all areas of creative media. Our experienced team has helped elevate numerous brands locally, nationally, and globally. For more information, please visit or call 603-924-9400.


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I had the opportunity to speak at the Vermont Web Marketing Summit in Burlington last Thursday on the subject of "Balancing Aesthetics and Conversion in Your Website".  What a great turnout for the conference, registration was full, they had to turn away last minute registrants. That's very encouraging in these economic times, or maybe it's a direct result of the economic times, either way.. it was a good vibe. It's always fun to connect with other people and learn about their business needs.

Aesthetics and conversion is a topic that is dear to my heart. To simplify the topic, it's basically about how design, color, size, fonts, positioning, hues, etc. can all play a vital part in getting a user on your website to make that connection with you, whether it's purchasing a product on an ecommerce site, or contacting through a form.  You might think that your site is working optimally in converting leads or products into purchases, but you would be surprised how simple tweaks to the page layout and design can substantially increase those conversion rates.

The speakers have been announced for this year's 2nd Annual Vermont Web Marketing Summit. In my session, 'Balancing Aesthetics and Conversion in your Website', I'll be covering a host of important topics including how to prioritize design attention, tactics to increase your overall site conversion rate, and proven approaches to take in conversion design. The Summit takes place on November 3, 2011 at the Main Street Landing Film House in Burlington, VT. To register for this exciting event, click here!