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arrowsWhether you have a storefront business on Main Street, or a virtual shop online, the lifeblood of your business consists of getting people to come to you to view your wares.

Now there are oodles of ways to drive traffic, but I’m betting these are five (Free) ways you perhaps haven’t thought of yet, much less used.

Series 2 of 6 - Enhanced data loading interface

Finally! The new loading bar feature, now active in all accounts, gives the user a glimpse as to how long the report will take to complete. This is an essential upgrade over the previous version. Running complex reports prior to the upgrade gave no insight to how long the report would take to run. The loading bar now lets me see that it's working and how long it will take to complete. InHaus Media’s Analytic Director gives Google a A+ for this upgrade.

Google Loading Bar

I will be posting number 4 of the series: "Easier custom report functions" tomorrow so don't forget to check back.

Several new features and updates have recently been released to the Google Analytics user interface. Many of these new features and updates are UX design and usability improvements. In a series of six posts, I will explore the top changes and discuss their benefits as well as how they will impact the end user. Ok, let’s get started:

Here is a list of features we will discuss in this series: